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The Pregnancy Bonus – Part 1

Life starts before it is born – as the tiniest of flutters in the womb.

It was surreal but true. Excitement trumped all apprehensions. Would I be a good mom? I am going to be a mom anyway!!!

However, according to my stars, my happiness is always to be tinged with sorrow or regret. Pregnancy was no exception.

The 6th week ultrasound showed blood in the uterus and thus followed two weeks of complete bed rest. The anguish of even the slightest chance of losing the baby was too much to bear. Being chained to the bed did not help. Neither did the medication that made me sick, constant heart burn, nausea, gagging at almost every smell and nightly vomitings. I desperately clawed for something to help me bide time without losing my sanity and most importantly, hope…

I enlisted help of family for taking care of home. Being blessed with a family that can step in at such times was Bonus 1. I can’t sufficiently state in words how much that meant. Apart from the physical aspect, it is a solace just having people around, anyone to talk to, someone to worry about you when you are down and out. Bed rest demands support from understanding people whoever they may be.

Despite the care, I quickly realized only I can take care of myself – my mental state, for it might have a direct impact on the baby. I chose to place my bed in a place where I could see the sky lying down. I surrounded myself with children’s books with happy endings. This helped immensely. It’s surprising how small things make the most difference. Seeing the sky calmed my senses and reading distracted me. If both didn’t work, I played board games with family. That always worked. It was pure fun and therapeutic at the same time. Getting the time to play with family was Bonus 2. When else do we play otherwise?

Two weeks of bed rest stretched into three and I thought this was all there is to it without realizing how entirely mistaken I was. More to come in subsequent posts.

Have you had to cope with severe physical discomfort or the anguish of bed rest? Do share your experiences here. You never know who might be benefitted by it.

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