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The Pregnancy Bonus Part 2

I resumed work. Mentally, I was more pregnant than I felt physically. I took extreme precautions in everything I did. No lifting objects, no bending down, no stairs, no standing beyond 15 minutes, no sitting beyond 1 hour.

After two weeks, I came home one day to find I was extra tired. I realised I had stood for 2 hours without really noticing it. Work absorbs you sometimes isn’t it? I just went to bed early and called it a day.

But then, the day was not over, for the night was yet to come

At about midnight, I felt like I had peed in sleep – did I lose bladder control so soon? But then instinct whispered something else. I ran to the washroom throwing precaution to wind and found myself bleeding.

At this time, I could only croak my husband awake. No other sound escaped my lips. Silently, we made way to the emergency room as I tried hard to tell myself this was not a miscarriage as I felt no pain.

As the doctors poked and probed without uttering a word, I felt panic rise within me. Oh God! Could this really be? Why the silence if nothing was wrong?

Finally, we saw the heart beat and knew that though my body was fragile, the maternal bond was strong.

That’s when the real waterworks started, this time from my eyes. The sheer relief was overwhelming and I felt every part of my body just sink into the bed. I had no strength left….. My family stepped in and gave me all the support I needed even though it was 3AM on a weekday. I knew I was not alone no matter what. That was Bonus 3.

I was now advised one month bed rest. What? One month? What was I supposed to do with myself? I returned home weak and confused, unsure of what lay ahead and what I would do.

If not for family, I am not sure I could have coped as well as I did. Have you had any such horrifying experience? How did you cope? Do share your experience for all to learn from.

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