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Name change!

Gratitude. That’s what I feel seeing the response to my blog. There have been heartwarming comments and sincere appreciation for my posts. Thank you all!

Through this blog my goal is to simplify parenting and empower myself and others like me with parenting wisdom. I say wisdom and not knowledge. Knowledge is out there in innumerable parenting pages. What I share here is from my own experiences. I am not a medical practitioner or a life coach. I am rather a life student having learnt a lot of lessons through adversity.

So I decided to promote myself from Trainee Mom to MotherWise.

Also as I wrote, there was one word that kept appearing in all posts – Acceptance. The name of the blog just followed from there.

I have also decided to change the title of “Mothering Mantra” to “Parenting Mantra”. I realized raising children is not the responsibility to mothers alone. This is a highly stereotypical view demeaning both mothers and fathers.

I will continue to discuss issues about pregnancy, breastfeeding, newborn care along with Acceptance Parenting.

How do you like this change? Let’s talk about that!

Published by MotherWise

Respectful mother with a unique style of parenting. My mission is to simplify complex parenting issues. I focus on Pregnancy| Labor |Parenting |Mental Health and Well Being. Complications, Management, Support

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