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Parenting – Parents and Grandparents

How does parenting style vary between parents and grandparents? Does it matter? I believe it does. Here’s why.


Approach parenting cautiously. They carefully consider the impact of their actions on their children. They research endlessly about anything from food to parenting style. With so much on their mind, parent’s style of care is exacting though filled with the joy of seeing their child grow.


Are self confident, having brought up children themselves. They rely more on their experience and reject what the books or internet might say. They are worry free and relish every moment spent with the kids. For them, parenting is a big joyful experience tinged with responsibility.

See the difference?

Can we parents, act more like grandparents?


It is necessary to worry and research and take our job seriously. No doubt. But can we do this in a planned way. Let us earmark an hour a day (or whatever time you need) for this. Make a note of things bothering you in the day. At night, introspect, research, assimilate and plan for the next day. It will save us from obsessing over persisting problems and help us think clearer.

During the day, let us behave like grandparents. Living in the moment, feeling a little more confident with each passing day, enjoying parenthood without obsessions.

Would you agree? Let’s talk about that!

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