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Guide to setting boundaries with children

Boundary with children. What, why and how.

Boundary is a way of communicating, especially with a baby, what they can and cannot do. Imagine being in a foreign land. Everyone looks different, speaks a different language, eat different foods, dress differently. The list goes on. Essentially you are the alien.

How would you like to navigate such an environment? You need clear and  concise directions that are repeated often enough for you to understand the language. It’s also important the message is the SAME every single time.

Your baby needs similar guidance. Simple. Concise. Clear. Consistent.

Example 1.
“You can’t touch the kettle. It’s hot.”  Enact blowing air from your mouth (as you would cool a hot coffee!). This helps the baby understand the words and a means for communication until their speech develops. It’s important not to let them touch the kettle even when it’s cold. “Don’t touch it when it’s hot.” How can they know without touching?

Example 2.
“You can’t play with my soap. You can play with yours during your bath.”
And follow through. Allow them to play during bath and at no other time.

Sometimes, a qualifier may be required. In such instances, ensure there’s a clear visual cue. For example. “The light is on. I can’t let you touch it. It’s hot “. Use this instead of “you can touch it after the light goes off. “

Another example. “The door is closed. We can’t disturb dad. He is working”. Use this instead of ” you can play with dad after he comes out of the room.”

How did you like this post? Was it informative and helpful? What else would you like to see? Let me know in your comments!

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