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Shhh…. lower your voice with children

You’re trying to get your child to do something. There is resistance or play or just too much delay.

In the best of moods you say “Nooooooo! Wash your hands!”

In the worst you yell “How many times do I have to tell you! Wash your hands! Now! “

Here’s why you shouldn’t do BOTH. By raising the volume, essentially you are teaching the child that you can get what you want or get others to do what you want if you talk loudly.

Consciously always talk to them in a gentle, loving tone. To let them know that no matter what you are loving to them. More importantly to model to them that loving requests are more powerful than coercion.

Children don’t get spoilt with this. They only feel respected and valued.

What can we say instead?

Looks like you would like to play for a bit longer before washing your hands. Ok. Let’s try after 5 minutes. I am setting the timer. We can play together once we are back!

How can we do this?

By consciously changing ourselves. Be gentle with everyone around you. You will be gentle with your child too. As with anything in life, practice is everything.

Wouldn’t you agree? Let’s talk about that!

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