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The Pregnancy Bonus – Part 5

I always knew I didn’t have any control on how my pregnancy progressed. I could only do my best to stay positive. I had told myself that every single day. The premature contractions, however, shook me to the core (yes, pun intended). I was terrified. The mantra didn’t work anymore. All the spiritual books IContinue reading “The Pregnancy Bonus – Part 5”

The Pregnancy Bonus Part 4

A few days after bed rest ended, the episode started. Day 1, I felt unusually nervous. I made constant trips to the bathroom. I found I couldn’t even sit comfortably though there was nothing wrong. By the end of the day, I slept from exhaustion. Day 2 brought on what felt like menstrual cramps. ItContinue reading “The Pregnancy Bonus Part 4”

The Pregnancy Bonus Part 3

My entire life I hadn’t stayed home apart from holidays and sick days. One month of staying home, no no, staying in bed baffled me. I had never had so much time – unplanned, unproductive, unwanted. They say the mental state of mom directly affects the baby in womb. So I needed to stay calm.Continue reading “The Pregnancy Bonus Part 3”

The Pregnancy Bonus Part 2

I resumed work. Mentally, I was more pregnant than I felt physically. I took extreme precautions in everything I did. No lifting objects, no bending down, no stairs, no standing beyond 15 minutes, no sitting beyond 1 hour. After two weeks, I came home one day to find I was extra tired. I realised IContinue reading “The Pregnancy Bonus Part 2”

The Pregnancy Bonus – Part 1

Life starts before it is born – as the tiniest of flutters in the womb. It was surreal but true. Excitement trumped all apprehensions. Would I be a good mom? I am going to be a mom anyway!!! However, according to my stars, my happiness is always to be tinged with sorrow or regret. PregnancyContinue reading “The Pregnancy Bonus – Part 1”