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The Silence

Long silences are mysterious. We can choose to ignore. Or we can choose to be intrigued. I wonder how many of you were intrigued. 😀. But here is an explanation for those who care and those who just love reading. The silence was intentional. Blogging is hard work. As any of you may know. AsContinue reading “The Silence”

When you are with me

When you scream, you show me your impatience. And teach me patience. When you smile at a flower, you show me your spontaneity. And teach me presence. When you imitate my clap, you show me how you observe. And teach me mindfulness. When you look at the switch to turn on a light, you showContinue reading “When you are with me”

Call for your Pregnancy, Childbirth, Miscarriage experiences

Have you had complications in pregnancy, a difficult delivery or miscarriage? Then this call is you. For you to share your experience of the adversities and your coping methods. I hope that by featuring your story, many like you would be inspired to tide over their own challenges. Please contact me if interested and let’s talk aboutContinue reading “Call for your Pregnancy, Childbirth, Miscarriage experiences”

Name change!

Gratitude. That’s what I feel seeing the response to my blog. There have been heartwarming comments and sincere appreciation for my posts. Thank you all! Through this blog my goal is to simplify parenting and empower myself and others like me with parenting wisdom. I say wisdom and not knowledge. Knowledge is out there inContinue reading “Name change!”