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Shhh…. lower your voice with children

You’re trying to get your child to do something. There is resistance or play or just too much delay. In the best of moods you say “Nooooooo! Wash your hands!” In the worst you yell “How many times do I have to tell you! Wash your hands! Now! “ Here’s why you shouldn’t do BOTH.Continue reading “Shhh…. lower your voice with children”

Using visual cues for setting boundaries with children

Visual cues help us communicate with babies before language develops and long after it does. This is especially useful for setting boundaries that aren’t absolute. I needed to tell my baby that playing in water is fine by day and not by night. This is an example I personally used successfully I cut out aContinue reading “Using visual cues for setting boundaries with children”

Guide to setting boundaries with children

Boundary with children. What, why and how. Boundary is a way of communicating, especially with a baby, what they can and cannot do. Imagine being in a foreign land. Everyone looks different, speaks a different language, eat different foods, dress differently. The list goes on. Essentially you are the alien. How would you like toContinue reading “Guide to setting boundaries with children”

My gratitude for your fragility

Holding you, cuddling you. I wonder though. How is it possible for you to bring me such joy with just a touch, just a hug, just a cuddle, just a giggle. I can feel the softness of your cheeks. I can’t think if a better place to keep mine. I can feel your ribs, theContinue reading “My gratitude for your fragility”

When you are with me

When you scream, you show me your impatience. And teach me patience. When you smile at a flower, you show me your spontaneity. And teach me presence. When you imitate my clap, you show me how you observe. And teach me mindfulness. When you look at the switch to turn on a light, you showContinue reading “When you are with me”