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When you are with me

When you scream, you show me your impatience. And teach me patience. When you smile at a flower, you show me your spontaneity. And teach me presence. When you imitate my clap, you show me how you observe. And teach me mindfulness. When you look at the switch to turn on a light, you showContinue reading “When you are with me”

What Do You Want From Your Children

What do you want from your children? I believe this one question defines your parenting style. Some of the answers that I can think of. Just love. I don’t want money or shelter or anything. They can be who they want, do what they want. I just want them to be happy. I wish theyContinue reading “What Do You Want From Your Children”

Parenting Mantra – Lose the ego

“I hate you!”. A statement no parent wants to hear. A statement every parent is forced to hear. Children communicate their feelings in a number of ways. If we can set aside ‘what’ was actually said and focus on ‘why’ it was said, I believe we can understand their viewpoint.  The first step in doing that is to lose the ego.

5 steps to effectively Communicate with a difficult partner or husband

Do you feel your partner does not understand your struggles as a mother, does not contribute as much as you need or want, does not provide emotional support? Read on to see how this can be addressed.