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5 steps to resolve fights

As parents, it is imperative that we stay calm during fights. Think of it as going to your safe room in your mind when hit with the emotional storm. You wait out the storm, assess the damage and repair with the best means available to you. What you don’t do is stand unguarded in the storm and let yourself be carried away too.

When Children Provoke

People provoke. They utter statements meant to touch a raw nerve, to inflict hurt, enrage us or put us on the defensive. To assign or shift blame or shame us. Why do people provoke? They don’t know how to express or handle strong feelings. These may be feelings of being wronged, disappointment. Or we mightContinue reading “When Children Provoke”

Interview – Lisa Gold, Psychotherapist, on her miscarriage experience

The silence around miscarriage is deafening especially considering how common it is. Breaking her silence, Lisa Gold, Psychotherapist, opens up about her miscarriage experience and also provides resources to cope.

Parenting Mantra – Lose the ego

“I hate you!”. A statement no parent wants to hear. A statement every parent is forced to hear. Children communicate their feelings in a number of ways. If we can set aside ‘what’ was actually said and focus on ‘why’ it was said, I believe we can understand their viewpoint.  The first step in doing that is to lose the ego.