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The Silence

Long silences are mysterious. We can choose to ignore. Or we can choose to be intrigued.

I wonder how many of you were intrigued. 😀. But here is an explanation for those who care and those who just love reading.

The silence was intentional. Blogging is hard work. As any of you may know. As a new mother, I started writing as a way to unburden the sense of overwhelm. Also, to help moms like me figure out what I learnt the hard way.

Then comes a point in motherhood where the overwhelm abates slowly… when we really start enjoying the journey. When I reached that point, I paused. I wanted to now enjoy every moment of motherhood and rest for the remaining time.

How has it been? Marvelous! Having that hour a day to do what you want… reading a lovely book, reading random stuff, staring, walking, sleeping. One hour a day spent for myself and only myself. Can I say it was pure indulgence. 😁

Then comes a point again where you can’t be separated from what you love for long. Writing and parenting are too close to my heart to just let go. I return to it. Always do.

So here I am again. Looking to connect, to learn and share. Let’s enjoy the ride together.

Published by MotherWise

Respectful mother with a unique style of parenting. My mission is to simplify complex parenting issues. I focus on Pregnancy| Labor |Parenting |Mental Health and Well Being. Complications, Management, Support

2 thoughts on “The Silence

  1. I want to join with your blogging journey and I hope our connection through blogging will be great in future.


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